"So how did KettleFest go?"

I have been asked that question many times since our inaugural KettleFest took place exactly one month ago. Perhaps I am not the best person to judge, since I was running around most of the day and not really able to stop and partake in the activities. But I am happy to report that everyone we’ve spoken to has said they enjoyed it. Here is a sampling of the post-event responses we received via email.

“What a FABULOUS event…Perfect day, super spot, kind folks.”

“We loved it all!”

“It was relaxing and peaceful, with a wonderful mix of young families and adults with no satellites.”

“The music was great, and I really appreciated seeing people hanging around and listening to the musicians.”

“I found it amusing for me, but I really wanted to see the chicken races in the chunnel – we saw it and were delighted, along with all the others who were watching.”

“We had a great time at KettleFest! Music was quite entertaining and vendors were friendly and happy to be participating in the event.”

“Thanks for putting on this event – we very much so enjoyed it. I think there was just the right amount of booths, displays, vendors, and activities.”

“We thoroughly enjoyed KettleFest. Seems to me you thought of everything! Food vendors were yummy…Craft booths also were top notch and varied…Musical bands we heard were great…So glad we attended.”

“The workshops I attended were great. Chef Jeff’s cooking class was the highlight of the day for me.”

“It was a great family event and we will look forward to future KettleFests!”